Are you having trouble keeping to your health goals? Yoyo dieting?

Are there too many obstacles and bad eating days?  

A Certified Functional Medicine and Keto Coach can help you work through and conquer those road blocks. Sign up to get coached and change your life for the better! Check out my site for tasty Keto-friendly recipes,  Lovely Keto Living tips & tricks and lovely herbal teas.



"Working with Kati Pierce with Lovely Keto Living has given me personal insight to my relationship with food and years of difficulty trying to lose weight.  With Kati’s help I lost 25 pounds, something I didn’t feel was possible for me.  Kati has given me the tools and strategies to continue on my journey.  Her positivity and guidance is something that I have never been able to experience with diet books or any of the other many weight loss programs I’ve tried.  Transitioning to a new life style is incremental and Kati provided the perfect foundation."


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About Me

Hi! I'm Kati! As a Certified Functional Medicine and Keto Coach, I am here to help educate, inspire, motivate and coach you to success on your personal journey.


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