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    Right off the bat, I should tell you that I’m fifty-eight years old. I live West of Milwaukee, WI. What if I told you I’ve been through all the obstacles that life throws at you when you are trying to make a change, lose weight and feel better? Emotions, Stress, Lack of sleep, Boredom—I know it all and the tools to make a difference.

    Connection to people. That’s what sets me apart. I genuinely love to help you see your ability to make your change.  Quarantine fifteen? We can fix that. Stress eater? There are tricks to get beyond it.  That’s what a coach can do for you.

    Life goes by so quickly. One minute you’re twenty years old and not a health care in the world; the next, you’re forty-six and tired every day. But if you’re very lucky, a single moment can change everything. Aren’t you worth the few minutes a week to help you along your health journey?

    That’s what happened to me three years ago. Concerned that I was on the path to diabetes, I read Maria Emmerich’s book KETO https:/keto-adapted.com  Along with my husband, I spent the last couple of years studying and changing our lifestyle to include low carb, good sleep, stress reduction and daily movement. And then I went on to get certified as a Keto and Functional Health Coach. It wasn’t easy, but by helping each other and learning tricks to overcome habits, we succeeded through all the seasons. 

    Now, many have put on the Quarantine Fifteen and when you are older, it’s harder to take it off. As a certified Keto Wellness Coach, I have the experience and knowledge to keep you on track and be successful.

    And so, I am here, sitting at my kitchen counter, asking you to give me a chance, to make a place for me in your life to start your journey to wellness. I cannot guarantee that the road will be easy. I can, however, promise that I will give you the tools to change your health.

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About Me

Hi! I'm Kati! As a Certified Functional Medicine and Keto Coach, I am here to help educate, inspire, motivate and coach you to success on your personal journey.


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