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About Me

    Right off the bat, I should tell you that I’m fifty-eight years old. I live West of Milwaukee, WI. What if I told you I’ve been through all the obstacles that life throws at you when you are trying to make a change, lose weight and feel better? Emotions, Stress, Lack of sleep, Boredom—I know it all and the tools to make a difference.

    Connection to people. That’s what sets me apart. I genuinely love to help you see your ability to make your change.  Quarantine fifteen? We can fix that. Stress eater? There are tricks to get beyond it.  That’s what a coach can do for you.

    Life goes by so quickly. One minute you’re twenty years old and not a health care in the world; the next, you’re forty-six and tired every day. But if you’re very lucky, a single moment can change everything. Aren’t you worth the few minutes a week to help you along your health journey?

    That’s what happened to me three years ago. Concerned that I was on the path to diabetes, I read Maria Emmerich’s book KETO https:/keto-adapted.com  I spent the last couple of years studying and changing my lifestyle to include low carb. And then I went on to get certified as a Keto and Functional Health Coach. It wasn’t easy, but by devising an easy plans, I succeeded through all the seasons. 

    Now, many have put on Pandemic pounds and when you are older, it’s harder to take it off. As a certified Keto Wellness Coach, I have the experience and knowledge to keep you on track and be successful.

    And so, I am here, sitting at my kitchen counter, asking you to give me a chance, to make a place for me in your life to start your journey to wellness. I cannot guarantee that the road will be easy. I can, however, promise that I will give you the tools to change your health.

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