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My mission is to advocate and inspire you to live your optimal lifestyle. I was trained and certified from the best in the field: Maria & Craig Emmerich @keto-adapted. I am armed with the tools to keep your goals on track and answer any questions. The ketogenic lifestyle is a wonderful way to modify your life and still enjoy foods you love. You will have more energy, no "hangry cravings, and less inflammation. Sound good to you? Let's get started on your Keto journey! Check out my Keto Packages below. 



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Small group setting of 6-15 participants. I'll start off with an interesting topic and then open up for Q&A. Subjects include: "Why Do I feel So Crappy?" "Why can't I lose weight?" Sign up for email notifications for the entire list of relevant topics.


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Coaching Packages

Community Zoom

A great way to see if working with a coach is for you. Monthly topics presented with time allowed for Q&A.

Try it out and see why so many people are hiring me to help them see results in their lives.


Limited class size

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12 Week 1-on-1

Coaching you to make the changes you want to see because I'll be there to help you work through tough obstacles. 


Weekly 30-minute meetings via Zoom or in-person,

Weekly in-depth Newsletter.

Learn to leverage Your Strengths. 

Overcome difficult barriers to long-term success. 

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24 Week 1-0n-1

Supportive coaching to help you make your new lifestyle last! Everything in the 12 Week, PLUS

Weekly session email follow-ups

Unlimited Text Access

Permission to focus on YOU for lasting change! Don't you think it's time to put you first?

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My most popular package because 6 months is when lasting change happens.

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About Me

Hi! I'm Kati! As a Certified Functional Medicine and Keto Coach, I am here to help educate, inspire, motivate and coach you to success on your personal journey.


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