Equilibrium Herbal Tea

Our premier spotlight tea is Equilibrium from Milwaukee's own Urbal Tea https://www.urbalhealth.com. Urbal Tea sources many of their herbs locally in Wisconsin. #local Working to bring balance to the body, the flavor profile of this snappy & sweet herbal tea is licorice, anise and cardamon. Anise can help rejuvenate the digestive system and soothe your respiratory pathways.  Licorice is a powerful herb that eases body tensions and clears the respiratory system. The spice components of clove and cardamom jump start your entire body.


There is so much more for you in the blend! I love that Nick thoughtfully rounded out the tea with the following herbs for taste and their healing qualities. #healingherbs

Nettle contains vitamins and minerals and has the ability to settle the body.  Calendula, is know to have the ability to cleans and detoxify the lymph system, in particular the liver and gallbladder. Safflower, another component, is also believed in natural medicine circles to enhance blood circulation and restore balance to the body. Raspberry leaf also contains vitamins and relaxes the lower body. Gingko is an adaptogen and memory enhancer along with Gotu kola, known for a tonic for the brain. Rounding out with Oatstraw, another tonic for the body and cinnamon for its aid to digestion. Taken together, these herbs work to restore internal order in the body.

This tea is fantastic both hot or iced. The tea bag may remain in the water to continuing to release flavor even over night. Slightly sweat, due to the licorice and all natural. Yum!

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