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Updated: Mar 13, 2020

I had the pleasure to visit Thailand for three weeks in January only to return to the US to news of the spread of the newly identified coronavirus. The picture below is in Bangkok with my Thai friend, Lah. We are wearing masks because of the small particles from seasonal crop burning, not necessarily for virus prevention as I had thought was common here.

In light of the recently declared Coronavirus Pandemic, we all need to step up our hygiene routines. Travel is discouraged, social distancing encouraged and self-isolation is needed if you become infected. If you are have to travel, here are some strategies and supplements you can take to help you stay well.

1. Wear glasses as opposed to contacts while utilizing mass transit. It will shield your eyes from cough particles and reduce the tendency to rub your eyes.

2. Think about wearing light gloves or use a Kleenex at least until you get to your seat. You will reduce your exposure to some virus on a door handle or other hard surface many people have touched.

3. Bring along alcohol wipes/antibacterial wipes and wipe down around your seat area before you take your gloves off. Airline staff don't actually disinfect seats between flights. Public spaces can never be too clean!

4. If you have a cough, consider a face mask. They work by eliminating your hand to mouth exposure and any coughing risk you may expose to others. They can be found at any pharmacy.

5. To boost immunity and assist digestion: Bring along a good probiotic that is stable at room temperature. Take it one to two weeks before you travel as well as when you are traveling.

6. Keep Hydrated. The air inside an airplane is dry and recirculated. I found a wonderful Keto electrolyte called LMNT( They come in individual packets that you can keep in your purse or carry-on. Pour right into a water bottle when you need it. On a trip to Thailand, average temperature of 90 degrees, LMNT was a vacation-saver!

7. Enjoy the vacation downtime! Get 8 hours of sleep at night and any beach naps are bonus! You want to unwind and refresh and the best thing you can do for yourself is sleep well.

These tips will help you stay healthy. If you are looking for more ideas for eating Keto, check out my 5 Great Keto Holiday Tips blog for some good ideas. Enjoy your trip!

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