How to Enjoy Coffee on Keto

#ketodrinks #Coffee Yes, you can drink coffee while on keto! I owned a coffee shop and am an expert in coffee preparation. As you all know, there aren't any carbs in black coffee. But there are some concerns including caffeine and how you drink your coffee. What can you do?

  1. Go Organic. High quality organic beans are available at your local roaster. You can order online and have them delivered fresh to you when you need them. #ColectivoCoffee Even Trader Joe's has a nice selection.

  2. Go Decaf. Swiss water process is clean and does not use chemicals to take out the caffeine. I found that caffeine is a problem for me (yes, even after 15+ years in coffee), so I started weaning myself by going 50/50. I can tolerate 75% Decaf/25% caffeinated beans and that is what I enjoy these days. In case you are wondering, that's less caffeine than a typical 2oz. piece of chocolate. Also, if you are like me and want to keep your fast as long as you can, having your cuppa Joe closer to noon can stretch that.

  3. Careful on what you put INTO your coffee. Yep, the Mochachino or Caramel latte with whip you ordered at that coffee shop are loaded with carbs. Not just in the syrup, but the cream/milk most likely has added sugar in it and the whip definately has sugar added. I'm not a fan of adding MCT oil or butter either as it will break your fast. You can find creamers like Coconut or Almond that are low on carbs. Flavoring with the stevia drops is also safe.

  4. How to Prepare your Coffee. Many people still utilize the Keurig setup. You can find plenty of decaf choices online. I'm not a fan of that due to the environmental impact, but totally understand the convenience. I prefer, as you can see in the photo, the pour-over method. I consider it my morning routine: Grind the beans, heat the water, pour over and enjoy the aroma. It gets my taste buds ready for the great taste. Also, I utilize about 22 grams/16 oz cup and it will brew a stronger, more flavorful cup. Figure out how much you like and stick with it for maximum enjoyment!

  5. Want to hear about other ways to prepare coffee? Let me know and I'll explain iced, espresso, and even the siphon method in a future blog.

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