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KETO: Is It Right For You?

Updated: Dec 7, 2019

What Is Keto?

So you've heard of Keto and maybe someone you know mentioned how much weight they lost on it. Another friend might say beware because it can be dangerous. You are thinking about trying it but, who's right and is keto for you? Let me talk about what a ketogenic lifestyle is> Keto is tapping in to a type of fuel source for your body where your body burns ketones and fat stores. You reduce carbohydrates as a fuel source, meaning eliminating most sugar sources, so that your body will utilize good fats and your fat stores to keep you going (and lose weight!). Seems simple enough.

Where it gets tricky is changing long held habits and traditions (good & bad), understanding what nutrients you need for a well-formulated diet. You will need to figure out exactly where the hidden carbs are in your life because too many carbs consumed means you will burn only those carbs and retain any fat you already have. Trying to do the work to reduce your intake while you may be managing chronic diseases like obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure and the like is complicated. More than 100 million Americans are now living with diabetes or prediabetes (cdc.gov)

If you are dealing with inflammation, diabetes, fat-retention, brain fog, or just want to feel better, a ketogenic diet can help you. Your body is an amazing machine. It works non-stop to rid itself of toxins. It's ready to make the switch to a healthy lifestyle whenever you are!

That is where a Certified Keto Coach comes in. A coach will advocate, inspire and educate you to live your optimal life. Coaches have the tools and training to keep you on track and help you realize your own personal goals that will change your life! Coaches can work with your primary doctor's recommendations when you have medical issues.

Coaches are not the "Keto Police!"

Changing your lifestyle can take time and education. Keto Certified Coaches know firsthand how much better it feels living the Keto lifestyle and that it's a journey. Don't STRESS about the side trips of "carbage." Coaching helps you stay on the path to years of good health with techniques, strategies and tips. We are your ally when obstacles form. Make it your time to focus on you. It's a big step to ask for help and I am ready to assist you on this very important journey. Research has shown that for most people, trying to make a lifestyle change isn't sustainable unless you enlisting the help of a coach. This is an investment in you that can change your life for the better. Haven't you been hurting and feeling crummy long enough?

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