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My Story (so far)

Updated: Feb 23

How I got to where I am today.

Hi, I'm Katie. I have always loved sports like biking, hiking, paddle boarding, waterskiing. I was active in sailing and basketball as a kid, too. Being able to travel to natural wonders all over the world like Brazil, Ireland, Costa Rica, Thailand and France makes me happy. #travelhappy

I first heard of ketogenic diet about two years ago while grappling with my issues of gluten intolerance, dairy intolerance and eventually a nut intolerance. I may have looked ok on the outside, but I was a mess on the inside. Just going GF, DF, & NF wasn't making me feel great. I knew, with diabetes and arthritis in my family history that sugars and carbs were problem. I just couldn't figure out how to stop craving and eating them. I hated being governed by my food and the "hangry" moments that left me feeling worse because I ate whatever sweet I could find.

I had always been super active skiing, biking, sailing, working out and a fast-paced job but during the summer of 2015, I tore my left meniscus causing me to stop many of my favorite activities and gain 15 pounds. I was miserable and the surgery didn't really help the inflammation.

Everything changed when I read Maria Emmerich's book KETO. I really liked the science behind the diet and was learning all I could to follow it. Then, my husband of 28 years asked me to help him with a Keto diet. Not wanting to discourage him, I was excited to help him but not sure how to do it. He's never dieted since I met him over 20 years ago and now he wants me to help him? He was 70 pounds overweight, stressed out, and traveling weekly for work.

With diabetes & arthritis in my family, I knew sugars and carbs were a problem, I just couldn't figure out how to stop craving them.

So, I took the information I learned and together we started following my own keto strategies to lower our carbs and increase our movement. This was the summer of 2018. In the next year my husband lost a total of 70 pounds and lowered his blood pressure. I think he took ten years off his body. It was phenomenal! At the same time, I lost a total of 25 pounds and finally reduced the inflammation surrounding my knee. I love that I have more energy and dedication to stay keto-focused in all areas of my life. I applied the same strategies to help other family members lose over 75 pounds and realized I had a knack for coaching.

The Big Pivot Moment

At the time I was the successful founder and owner of my coffee shop going on 16 years. It was a daily labor of love, both in community and creativity. But, I came to the realization that I was ready to move on and focus on something even more healthful. I sold the shop at the end of 2018.

I became certified in Keto Adapted's Certified Keto Certification course in 2019. #KetoAdapted By summer of 2019, I was certified and working with my first clients. I also because a Certified Health Coach from Functional Medicine Coaching Academy in the fall of 2020. I have a thriving Coaching business with local and online clients. This blog site is a way to share great keto ideas and answer questions many have. #lovelyketoliving

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