What is Keto?

The simplified science behind the Keto lifestyle. How it can work in your life.

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“You aren't getting rid of all your carbs, you are re-assigning them to real foods.”

The Science (Simplified) behind It

A well-formulated keto diet is nutrient dense, fat filled, and low carb with moderate protein.

What exactly happens when you eat the Standard American Diet (SAD)? Your cells become full of glucose. The excess glucose stays in your bloodstream. This glucose is like tar, binding with proteins to cause inflammation and form AGEs ( a crust over cells blocking amino acids from entering and building muscles). It causes blood fat (triglycerides) to go up, increasing coronary artery disease risk. A small amount of carbs not immediately used are first stored in the liver and muscle as glycogen. Only a small amount end up there. Anything consumed over that amount within three hours gets converted to fat never to be used again if you are a carb burner.

Insulin is the hormone that does the bulldozing into the cells. If you eat excess carbs you end up with excess sugar and insulin in your bloodstream which leads to plaque buildup, cell damage, and inflammation. This also destroys nerve tissue causing tingling, glaucoma, insulin-resistance, then Type 2 diabetes which is associated with heart disease, cancer and Alzheimer disease. Insulin-resistance makes the body think there isn't enough glucose stored in the cells so it sends signals to consume muscle to make glucose. Result: Less muscle and more fat. You feel tired and crave more carbs after you eat a carb-heavy meal. Additionally, it can reduce your thyroid function. Are you ready to get off the carb merry-go-round?

With Keto you heal and desensitize your biochemistry to the insulin hormone and lesser-known leptin hormone which turns off severe food cravings. What keto really does is bring you back to the basics of food intake: meat (protein), healthy fats and vegetables. By focusing on real, organic foods you can change your life for the better. Did you know that vegetables have carbs in them? So, you aren't getting rid of all your carbs, you are re-assigning them to real foods. Eliminate the processed and ultra-processed foods. Of course, that's easier said than done. You've have your lifetime of bad habits, traditions and emotional eating to overcome. Can you do it alone?

This is where a certified Keto Coach come in. As a #CertifiedKetoCoach, I have training on the science behind the Keto diet. I understand what the nutrient dense food are and how to customize for diseases like diabetes. I know the common keto mistakes and have training as a wellness coach to overcome stalls and detours that could derail your health journey. Isn't it time for you to feel better? #lovelyketoliving

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